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If you are a reader of guitar mags you'll recognise John from his monthly lessons in guitar techniques magazine or for his regular lessons in Guitarist, Guitar Part (France) and Guitar World (USA). When not on tour John is the head of guitar at the UK's top guitar college BIMM London and is a visiting lecture at the London College of music! The Sunday morning gypsy jazz workshop with John will be an incredible chance to pick up some ideas and tips from one of the best technicians in the business. 

Oh he's also gigged with Billy Cobham (Miles Davis), Alex Acuña, John Williams, Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Paco Peña, Mike Clark and Bill Summers (The Headhunters), Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Ralph Salmins, Paul Elliott, Keith Carlock and Laurence Cottle. John has toured the world with both Carl Palmer (ELP) and John Jorgenson (Elton John/ Hellecasters)

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