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What should I bring? You'll need an acoustic guitar! Any kind of acoustic guitar is fine and a gypsy jazz guitar is a plus. We'll be handing out decent plectrums to all students if you don't bring your own! 

Do I need an amp? No amps or pic ups required!

Will the student level be too high? Absolutely not! The retreat is aimed at ALL LEVELS of player, if you want to come, sign up and we'll see you there, there's great content and invaluable lessons to be learnt for every level of musician. 

What's the travel situation? Visit this useful site for loads of info about getting to Shrewsbury and a lot of what the town has to offer.  ORIGINAL SHREWSBURY

Can my partner come along?  Absolutely, in fact we hope they do and help add to the Django fest 2024 atmosphere! Shrewsbury has a huge amount to offer while lessons, workshops and masterclasses are taking place; a bustling centre with 100's of boutique shops and independent cafes lining medieval streets all inside the loop of the river Severn. 


Partners receive full board joining the group for breakfast and evening meals and also tickets to the evening concerts. Just select the Partner supplement option when booking your place.

Any further questions?  Get in touch!


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